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Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Updated: May 3, 2021

Have you ever wondered where the best places to watch the sunset are on Manitoulin Island? I have been watching sunsets here, and this is my list of much see places the watch the sunset.


MS Chi-Cheemaun

Doing a sunset cruise on the MS Chi-Cheemaun is a must in my books. I discovered this one by accident while visit the island with my parents. Somehow we ended up booking for one of the evening trips and it for sure paid off!

They do offer a sunset dinner cruise that many people do recommend, but you can also just book a normal trip during those sunset hours.

" A fine dining experience on any open water is an amazing experience. When that open water happens to be Lake Huron at sunset however – the experience becomes truly magical. Our courteous and capable crew will look after your every need, all you have to do is sit back, soak in the sunset, and enjoy a truly unforgettable dinner. "

Low Island

If you are staying near Little Current, watching the sunset at Low Island Park is so pretty. Before watching the sunset Low Island has many things to do from hanging out at the sandy beach, a 1km walking trail loop, playground, volleyball court, baseball field, a soccer pitch, washrooms. They also have the best spots to have a nice picnic, including a pavilion, picnic tables and a large grass lawn area.

" From the beach and trail there are opportunities to sightsee sailboats and recreation motor boats - coming and going - from the local marina. The park and trail are also a popular destination for birding (birdwatching). "

The sunset from Low Island over looking the north channel is so beautiful! Watching from the shore you can see sailboats and recreation motor boats - coming and going - from the local marina.

McLean's Mountain Lookout

After a lovely hike in McLean's Mountain trail, go check out the amazing lookout giving amazing views of the sunset over the north channel. While exploring the Niagara Escarpment, you get to walk on the heights over Little Current with views over the LaCloche Mountains and North Channel of Lake Huron giving spectacular views.

" Bring your camera! This is one of the many great spots on the island for spectacular vistas. Soak in the site or bring your camera to capture the memory. It feels like you can see the whole island from here. "

Lake Kagawong

While out boating, fishing or swimming in Lake Kagawong, sticking around to see the sunset is the best decision I have ever made. The lake offers amazing views of the sun going down, especially when the water is calm. However, make sure not to stay too long after the sun goes down if you are in a personal watercraft.

Providence Bay

Providence Bay might be one of my favourite spots to watch the sunset. It might be because I love getting ice cream from Huron Island Time or it might be just because I love the beach but either way it is a must!

Head on over to the beach, check out the board walk, discover centre, and stick around for an amazing concert put on by Huron Island Time. After that grab some ice cream and find the perfect spot on the beach and watch the spectacular view along the shoreline.

Comment and let me know where your favourite places to watch the sunset!

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